What is Copy Pro ?

Copy pro service is linking live trading account as investor with another trader whose is signals provider on Caveo trading platform , and all trades the signals provider execute on his account will be copied into investor account.

How existing and new clients can use Copy Pro

You Gain profits with every successful trade from signals provider

Profit share with every trade

Features of Copy Pro ?

  • Join best traders

    Evaluate best traders in financial markets with full transparency.

  • Easily Connect and disconnect account.

    Investor will have full authority to connect his account from the portal.

  • Gain more profits from your successful trades.

    Get a share from the profits of all investors and earn more on each trade.

  • Specify a maximum loss amount

    You have ability to determine the max loss on your account by percentage or specific amount.

  • Dedicated portal for Provider, Investor.

    Every Provider or Investor with have a special dedicated portal to view the info about subscriptions.

  • High Water Mark

    Profits calculations are based on High Water Mark which means no profit share till cover any previous losses.

  • Instant, Fast execution

    Trades are executed in milliseconds and investor have the option to set the max deviation in prices in case of fast market moves.

  • Minimum Deposit

    You can use the service with deposit $250 or more easy deposit and withdrawal.

  • Competitive Spreads & Leverage

    Enjoy a competitive spread and a standard leverage up to 1:400.

Signals Providers on Caveo Platform ?

Signal provider is a trader on Caveo live account and wants to share his trades to the rest of Caveo clients to get a share from the profits of successful trades.

His trading results are clearly viewed on the traders performance page and his personal data remains private, and he can view all subscribers to his trading strategy.