Who is the signals provider?

Signal provider is a trader on Caveo live account and wants to share his trades to the rest of Caveo clients to get a share from the profits of successful trades.

His trading results are clearly viewed on the traders performance page and his personal data remains private, and he can view all subscribers to his trading strategy.

How to register as Signals provider

*To use the service you should have a live trading account

Provider MT5 Number & Password

Use you MT5 user and password as #1 ,#2


Choose your nickname #3

Summary & Description

Summery about your trading strategy #4

Strategy details #5

Performance Fee

Profit share percentage #7

Minimum Join Balance

Minimum account to follow you

Open account steps

Register new account

Visit open new account page and fill the form

Real account

Send required documents

Send documents to email :[email protected]

Sending documents


Minimum deposit $1000


Add your account in signals providers list

Use the link to list your account

Register now

Signals providers policy

  1. The main reason we made the service is to make a win/win relation between a good trader and investors, So any action that abuse this code will be violation of the service policy.
  2. Any abuse in using the system to show not regular profits may cause closing your provider profile and disconnect following accounts.
  3. please review how profits calculations are made in description of service page.